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Following are samples from my portfolio. I typically work in three applications: ACD Systems Canvas1 (for drawing), Adobe Photoshop (for photo work), and e-on Software's Vue d'Esprit2 (for 3D work). I can return artwork in a wide variety of industry-standard formats--including native files so your own designers or another artist can make subsequent edits (I have no desire to hold you hostage for little changes down the road).

Most of this work was done during my years at EMC Corporation; freelance clients include the Navy & Marine Living History Association, The Julia Cekala Charitable Foundation, Town of N. Attleborough Veterans Agent, Rocket Chair Productions and the Attleboro Area Civil War Commemorative Committee. Most recently I helped Robotics Education & Competition Foundation with a number of projects.

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RECF Robotics Convention Flyer

(Border indicates 3D Artwork)

(Opens as a PDF)
(All five historical posters open as PDF files)
(NOTE: The photos in these three posters are copyright of the photographer and used with her permission; they will not open to a larger format) 

Illustrations, Infographics & Logos
(Border indicates 3D Artwork)

Powerpoint Designs

The sample presentations that are part of my portfolio are copyright of various companies.
Prospective clients should email me directly at for the link.

Book / Newsletter / Brochure Covers

Most of these came from my first book, while the one on the right is the handout version of the poster in the top row (created for The Julia Foundation

3D Models & Scenes
hese are not "Photoshop'd" illustrations, but fully-addressable models in virtual scenes
in which lights, camera angles, atmospheric elements, and objects can all be moved around

(Opens as a PDF)

The second row of images shows a scale virtual model of Simon Lake's submarine, Argonaut Junior, which was created from period photographs and descriptions.  The gas station scene was created for an artist who could not find such an old style building to use as a model for a painting. What's great about a 3D scene is that, if you want a truck added in or to move things around, it's no problem! The poster in the lower right shows external and cutaway views of the submarine Alligator, and was created for the Navy & Marine LHA and NOAA. The three models were designed from schematics of the actual boat.


Mosaics--usually of tabloid (11x17"), poster (24x36") or larger size, are created from a base background photo into which are "poured" multiple individual images sized and colored to mimic the base art. To see two examples, click on the image above, which will open a separate page of mosaic projects.



1 Canvas is less well-known than Adobe Illustrator, but a much more powerful and versatile drawing application, including photo editing and page layout in one package (rather than having to use Photoshop and InDesign as well as Illustrator).
2 You have probably seen Vue artwork without knowing it, if you have seen any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or Australia, Clash of the Titans, Avatar, Prince of Persia, Alice in Wonderland or a number of other films. It was originally designed to facilitate the creation of backgrounds for video games, and is today used for creating entire scenes and animations.


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